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Investors Should Guard Against Getting Entranced

Five years into a bull market, the mood is changing. From my perch as an investment adviser, I sense a subtle shift. It isn’t necessarily one toward obvious risk-taking. The Great Recession seems to have squashed unbridled optimism. No, this shift is more subtle and it will have implications. More »

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Mortgage vs. Paying Cash For a Home

Q: Can you help me settle a family debate? I’m thinking about buying a house as a rental. My brother-in-law says I should take out as big a mortgage as possible. My gut tells me to use my cash just sitting in the bank. How do I decide? More »

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Decision Day

By James PalmerIn my first blog I discussed the epiphany that perhaps starting a business need not wait for an original idea, but rather to pursue something that you are both passionate and knowledgeable about. After months of brainstorming, critical thinking, and prayer, the idea of starting a carpet cleaning company had risen to the top. I decided that before making any final decisions I should seek out the council of several persons who had themselves operated a business in the floor-care field. More »

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So you want to start a business … What does Traverse City need?

By James PalmerFor about as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to start and run my own business — to be my own boss, to chart my own course, and to sink or swim based on my own efforts. When I was a child, the neighbors, my brothers, and I, would set up “businesses” in the basement. We would then shop and trade with one another using blocks as currency. I also ran my own cookie and lemonade stand (Full disclosure mom, I ate most of the cookies myself). More »

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Your Wife Is Right About Life Insurance

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Q: My wife keeps telling me that we need to get some life insurance, especially since we just had our first baby. Before talking with an agent, how should I really be thinking about life insurance? More »

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News Flash! Wall Street’s Boys Will Be Boys

An inside baseball topic has certainly spilled over into the mainstream financial media. Michael Lewis’ latest book, Flash Boys, has opened the blinds on yet another shadowy corner of Wall Street—high-frequency trading.

Lewis’ Flash Boys central villains are a swarm of high-speed stock market traders and stock exchanges in search of quick profit. Their accomplices are the many brokerage firms willing to sell out their own customers—that is, investors like all of us. More »

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Shutters: Oh so French!

Jo Anne Wilson, Letters From FranceEarly morning. As I open the shutters, I think about how important the shutters are here in Provence. In summer, they shut out the heat of the sun. In winter they close in the heat of the wood stove or other source. In fact, the act of opening and closing the shutters marks the start of a new day … or the ending of one. More »

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Are brokerage fees worth it?

Team Mike, Ask The RealtorsHello again Record-Eagle readers,

Are real estate brokerage fees really worth it?  What kind of data exists to help us answer this question with confidence? More »

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The tea party — closet Socialists?

By Robert GilbertThe recent political brouhaha over the issue of raising the minimum wage and the unrelenting campaign against Obamacare have left me thinking: Are the tea party adherents and other conservatives fully aware of the fact that their adamant opposition to both can be construed as a perverse form of Socialism? Here’s why. More »

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Cornwall and Bodmin Moor, Dramatic Settings — Part II

By Evelyn WeliverPelting rain greeted us this morning as we leave our B&B in Lostwithiel for our drive south to the town of Fowey (Foy) on the coast. The Fowey River begins on Bodmin Moor and comes into this cove. The roads down into town are steep and narrow with only designated bus traffic permitted. We catch the small bus at a “park and display” lot above town. There are only two inches of clearance in places between the bus and buildings. More »

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