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Waiting for Spring

By Evelyn WeliverSnowmobiles are zipping past our house on the frozen lake, icicles are hanging from the roof, the barometer says “sunny,” but it’s not! It is the first week of March when a cold snap usually hits. This year it is just continuing. I am sure the skiers are happy.

Wildlife is moving about. A mostly black skunk, fur fluffed out, hurried across our snowy yard at 7 a.m. this week. Later in the day we drove into Traverse City. Cresting a hill we had to stop for 30 big, brown wild turkeys sauntering across the road. They were leaving a patch of scraggly sunflowers for a field of weeds and seeds. This is the level of our excitement these days.

Skunk in Early March

Skunk in Early March. Photo by Evelyn Weliver

On Sunday, after having been promised sunshine by the barometer and the weatherman, and not seeing any sunshine for days, we decided to drive 45 minutes west to Lake Michigan. Maybe it would be sunny there. It wasn’t. Still the Frankfort breakwater covered in ice against the dark sky was dramatic. The town was empty. There were three cars parked on main street. A pizza place was open, a bar, and the lights were on at the movie theater. It would open at 4 p.m. and show Identity Thief. Interesting since we had recently had a credit card account taken over while traveling.

Harbor, Frankfort, MI

Harbor, Frankfort, MI. Photo by Evelyn Weliver

Driving home we came along Crystal Lake and saw a few ice fishermen on the lake. It is frozen all over this year; it was only half frozen last year.  We could smell sweet cherry wood burning in a fireplace, reminding me of orchards filled with bright red cherries.

Just before Honor we had to stop for three deer crossing the road.

Deer outside Honor, MI

Deer outside Honor, MI. Photo by Evelyn Weliver

Our beautiful landscapes are filled with white fields, woods of grey trees dotted with  green pines and hills of iris blues. Occasionally we hear woodpeckers when we walk and see squirrels leaping from tree to tree, trying to stay out of the snow. The sap has not started to run for maple syrup and there is no ground visible to see snow drops or anything growing.  “Spring, we’re waiting,” but not very patiently.

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    Thank you for the Northern Michigan poetry.

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