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50 Shades of Red

By Micki Durocher DavisSo I finally caved and bought the national best seller “50 Shades of Grey,” by EL Cumming. I like to think of myself as a hip lady who is up with the latest trends, but when it comes to movies and books … I usually tend to avoid the stories which have caused a national frenzy. It’s probably my way of rebelling against the masses – trying to voice my individuality to “The Man.”  Obviously, nobody cares or notices because the ratings continue to rise without my one minuscule viewing.

On the day I made the purchase, I felt like a person buying condoms or some kind of strange ointment.  I nonchalantly strolled through the book aisle, busying my eyes with glances toward the other side of the store and whistling a tune to convey to any onlookers, “I am sooooo breezy.”  I casually grabbed the book and tossed it into my basket without missing a step. Of course, once out of the aisle, I covered the book with other items in my basket in case I ran into anybody I knew or any nosy shoppers took a peek at what I was purchasing.  I made a beeline to the register and panicked when I realized I’d have to put the book on the conveyor belt to be displayed for all to see.  Again, nobody cared or noticed.

When I brought the book home, I was already in the middle of reading a novel. My original plan was to finish the first story before diving into the trendy smut, but “50 Shades of Grey” seemed to be throbbing like an eager heartbeat on my nightstand … begging me to read it … taunting me with its rumors and innuendos. So I decided to ditch the first book and dove right in.

At the time of posting this blog, I haven’t yet finished “50 Shades of Grey,” but I can tell you this much: The beginning of the book is great. It was very easy for me to relate to the awkward and simple female character, Ana.  That is until I got to the seventh chapter! This is where Ana and I part ways as kindred spirits and she is purely on her own. Whoa! I was definitely aware that this novel would have explicit scenes but, oh my goodness, I’m not sure I can even finish it! I was thinking the scenarios would be reminiscent of Anais Nin’s “Delta of Venus” or even something a little milder.  For those of you who haven’t read it yet … proceed with caution. And to those of you who completed the entire series … wowza.

  • Henry

    Great piece! You know though that an older woman caught reading this would be fine; an older guy like me would immediately be a “dirty old man’ so I think I’ll wait for the movie.

  • Wendy

    Were you so embarassed to buy the book that you couldn’t read the author’s name?

  • Micki

    Whoops! My mistake. Sorry – the author is EL James. (thanks for pointing that out, Wendy!)

  • Henry

    I was being facetious when I said I’d wait for the movie. Now I find there is a movie in the works. I do so hope the script is well written.

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