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Ice breaker arrives at McMurdo Station

By Jason BacklundThe ice breaker finally made it here. Wow, what a great sight it was to see the icebreaker! It means it’s just about time to go home to loved ones. It’s amazing to see open water and smell the sea air. It really revitalizes you after looking at ice for so long. The smell of the sea in the air is just great, and makes you feel like you are not so isolated.

The icebreaker broke trail all the way to the harbor and then circled around it to loosen all the ice up. Then it goes back out to the ice edge and does it all over again until it makes a safe passage for the fuel vessel. There were whales that came in behind the icebreaker, but I did not get a chance to see them. If i get a pic of them I will post it.

Well, I’m going to go hiking now with some of my new energy from this beautiful open water. Here are some pics to look at — enjoy.

Cleaning up the ice flow

Steaming along

Fuel vessel

Nice to see this view


  • Becksurv

    As being that I’m an old icebreaking Coast Guard veteran I can say that breaking you out made the Coast Guard crew just as happy as you.
    Even made m e fel good after 51 years since I served.
    J. Beck

  • Brufli

    Going to miss your weekly blogs.

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