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Open water is getting close

By Jason BacklundThe open Antarctic water is getting quite a bit closer now and can be seen from near McMurdo Station. It is very exciting to see the water after looking at ice for so long. It also means that the icebreaker is not to far away. The icebreaker should be here on the 21st of January, and it will be awesome to see.

The penguins are starting to become more abundant now, with bigger groups being seen every day. I still have not seen the big groups because they always seem to show up when I’m at work.

The open water definatly lifts everybody’s spirits because its a sign of the end of the season. Most people start leaving at the end of January or the begining of Febuary, when they start thier travels before heading back to their homes.

I will have more on the icebreaker when it gets here, but for now here are some pics of the water and ice, and also some old photos from back in the 50s and 60s. Click any image to view it larger.

Ice breaking away from the shore

Big crack in the ice. Seals use this to get get out of the water.

Welcoming committee

  • Cari Noga

    Hi Jason – I work in the public relations office at Northwestern MI College. I’d like to include an item about your work in Antartica in our next alumni newsletter. Would that be OK, and if so, could I get a high-res version of the pic of you that accompanies your blog? If there’s a better way to contact you than through these comments, let me know. Happy ice breakup!
    Cari Noga

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