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Why do boys wear their pants so low?

By Sherry Kula TuckerI know this is not a new topic, and I have written about it on my personal blog in the past. But, what is with boys wearing their pants down around their butts?

I swore I would never be like my parents when I became a mom, but I just can’t help it — what is this so-called fashion?  

I know, my mom didn’t like the “Madonna phase” we went through, or the mullet my brother had to have, or even some of our friends (not me or my siblings) who wore one glove following the Michael Jackson look.   My mom would comment to us about our fashions and we thought she just didn’t get it.

But now, as a mom, I really DON’T get it.  How can wearing your pants falling down be comfortable or even look attractive?

A year or so ago I was sitting in a parking lot in my car having lunch when a group of teenagers walked past my window.  The boys had their pants hanging low.  As they were next to my car one of the boys slightly slipped off the curb and his pants went down around his ankles.  He couldn’t grab them up quickly because he had his hands full.  It was the funniest thing ever.  Even though the girl with him immediately jumped down to helped him pull his pants up, I still couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

My son doesn’t wear his pants low like that, but I still think he could pull them up a bit.  I’m not sure why he can’t just keep them up high enough to cover ALL his boxers.  Maybe it’s because he won’t wear the belts I bought him; instead he wears a shoelace.

YES, that is right, apparently some boys prefer to wear a shoelace for a belt — another thing I just don’t understand.

I’ve decided to stop trying to figure it out.  My mom used to get so frustrated at my brother’s mullet. “He’s such a good looking kid, why does he insist on wearing his hair like that?” Then one day she just stopped complaining about it, and I over-heard her telling my aunt something that stuck with me to this day.

She said, “It’s only hair.”

It’s true, I wish kids didn’t wear their pants around their butts, and I would love to see my son wear his belt instead of a shoelace but really, what harm is it doing me?  I have come to realize that this is the time these kids are finding themselves.  They are at a transition, trying to develop their own style.  It is better for me to choose my battles wisely, not worry about the things that don’t really matter and don’t hurt others, but instead take lots of pictures to laugh with him at later.

  • Ed Hahnenberg

    Sherry…Having raised eight of my own teens and having been an assistant principal in a large public school, I disagree with your assessment of low-hanging pants on boys. It’s attitudes of parents like this that contribute to the slow demoralization of society. As a principal of a parochial school years ago, I dealt with long hair on boys. Not even an issue now, but then it was.

    Teens need limits. In and of themselves, low-riders, tattoos, pierced everything imaginable, may be harmless to YOU, and history is full of examples of such nonsense. However, if we want a society of youngsters to grow up to have respect for all that is good, I say voice your expectations at a higher level.

  • Sherrykula

    Ed, I agree 100% with you that they shouldn’t be allowed to wear them low… like the picture.  I need to choose my battles with things like a shoelace belt.  Guess I didn’t make myself real clear.  But YES.. they MUST have boundaries!  I agree with you.

  • Nanawheels2007

    Shoelace belts are one thing(easy to overlook) but pants that are worn as in the picture are kind of over the top. I hope most parents set limits and encourage their teens to show respect for themselves and to others and cover their butts,  including girls to cover their “plumber cracks”!

  • live and let live

    I guess it is fashionable to walk like a penguin too.  Have you explained the meaning and reason behind this fashion trend, including the shoelace belt?  That might change your son’s mind.

  • Tom L

    Boys will stop wearing their pants low the first time they get into a scuffle and they get beat up because their pants fall down and they are busy pulling them up instead of defending themselves. LOL

  • Not here

    People are stupid…….but they have to be teenagers first.

  • childrens trousers

    I think boys wear their pants low because their are not comfortable wearing it in high waist. It’s hard for them to move freely because of their reproductive organ. But more or less, it is not right to do this especially in public. They should know their limits.

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