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Preliminaries and results

By Nicole Blakkan-EsserAgain, I had to wake up early. Drowsily, I passed through security and headed up onto the stage. My placard sat upright in the chair I was supposed to sit in. I sat next to other people from Michigan. As each speller cautiously approached the microphone, my nervousness slowly faded. I was pleased each time I heard the word and knew how to spell it.

After around 70 spellers, I started to get a little bored! All too quickly it was my turn. I walked out of my row and stood on a duct tape x. Once the boy in front of me was done spelling echt, I walked to the microphone. Dr. Bailly pronounced orogeny.

I immediately knew the word, but I asked a couple questions to be sure, also so that my voice wouldn’t crack when I spelled the word. I spelled my word correctly, and with much joy, I walked back to my seat.

After I had taken a break and ate lunch the process repeated, only this time my word was ankh. As soon as I heard the word, I just had to smile. Thank you Rick Riordan. He is the author of a book that had that very word in it!

After spelling my word correctly, and having a small break. I went back to the ballroom for the announcement of the 41 semifinalists.

I didn’t expect to make it to the semifinals, in fact I am happy enough just to be here representing our region the best I can!

The results came out. I was not one of the finalists. I am still very proud of myself, and thank you to all of those who supported me throughout my spelling career!

  • Nancy Berhorst

    We are so happy to get to know you from your rich experience at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Our eyes were glued to the TV in anticipation of your responses.  You did great.  We hope you return next year.

  • abdullah2008

    I am impressed, I must say
    this article is very interesting…

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