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How I made my break

By Teresa CareyWhen I decided I wanted to be a writer, the first thing I did was try to find out if I could. I asked friends what they thought, I researched the paths that my favorite authors took to accomplish this goal, and I listed topics I had the qualifications to write about. But what I didn’t do was write.

For years I thought about it and planned to become a writer someday. I imagined myself sipping tea in cozy pajamas while typing away at my computer. Of course, I wore mysterious glasses, my style was artsy chic, and my hair was wild and dark, but I couldn’t see what was on the pages. I had this vision for years before I began to write anything at all.

I took a similar path with sailing. I thought “someday” I would live on a boat. I never thought it would happen so soon. So, instead of making plans, I read sailor’s blogs, Joshua Slocum, and collected pictures of Nor’Seas. I wondered how much money I would need to save, but I wasn’t actively saving.

We are often trapped by limiting beliefs. Work, school, financial limitations, or busy schedules seem to hold us back. But most of these limitations exist only in our minds, born from our life’s experiences and a cultural notion of what is right or possible.

Eventually, all dreams are either realized or they die. Writers write and sailors sail. That’s where it all must begin. And so, one day I was dreaming, and the next day I was doing. It was that simple and that quick. A friend found a Nor’Sea for sale, and the very next day I was signing the loan papers.

The day I purchased my boat and began my blog was the day I began to learn, write, save, and do all the things I thought I needed to do before I could live on a boat and write. There were only two steps:

1) Learn how to make my dream possible.

2) Start doing the thing I dream of.

I only had to rearrange the order of those steps to get from dreaming to doing to progress from saying, “Someday I will,” to saying, “I am.”

Now I’m taking my sailing dreams to the next level. If you haven’t already, please visit the website for One Simple Question an environmental documentary film project that I’m excited to be a part of. Like it on Facebook or join the mailing list for exclusive updates. Spread the word!

Teresa Carey, native to Northern Michigan, now calls the ocean her home. Teresa writes about the challenges and thrills of a nomadic liveaboard life at her blog, “Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Selected posts are re-published here by the Record-Eagle.

  • Gloria


    This fits right in with some things I have been mulling over. I always enjoy your pieces.



  • Teresa

    Thank you Gloria!

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