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Blogs debut improved comment system

Dear readers,

We’ve installed new comment software on the blogs that will introduce some great new features and improve the debate and discussions going on here. The software is called Disqus, and you may have seen it used on other blogs or elsewhere on the Web. The new system has two major advantages:

Discussion Threading: Now, instead of commenting on just the blog itself, readers (and bloggers) can reply directly to other comments. Replies appear indented below the referenced comment.


Email Alerts: By registering with (optional), you can receive e-mail alerts when someone replies to one of your comments. To register and automatically begin receiving alerts, just use the “Register” radio button when leaving your first comment using the new system:

After creating your account, or if you already have a Disqus login, use the “Login DISQUS” radio button and enter your Disqus username and password.

Creating an account with is completely optional. Just use the “Unclaimed” radio button when leaving a comment.

There's other neat features, too:

Avatar: Once you’ve created your Disqus account, go to the Account page on to upload a photo that will appear next to all your comments.

Clout Points: You'll notice little up and down arrows next to the avatar on each comment. Disqus account holders can click the up arrow to give a comment a "thumbs up" and the down arrow to give it a "thumbs down." The more thumbs up a comment gets, the more clout the commenter receives, which impacts his or her reputation across the Disqus network of blogs. Clout points also help the system detect spam and unsavory behavior.


By hovering over the up or down button, you’ll see how many clout points a comment currently has (comments automatically start with 1 point) — in the example above, KharmaCat’s comment has 3 points. Click the up or down button to add or subtract a point (you must be logged in to your Disqus account).

Keep Track of Your Comments: Once registered with Disqus, your home page will show you all the comments you've made on our blogs and anywhere else on the Web that uses the Disqus system. Replies to your comments will also be shown.

Follow Other Commenters: Hover your mouse over a commenter’s avatar to see their clout points (if they are registered with Disqus) and recent comments. NOTE: This will include not only Record-Eagle Blog comments, but also comments left on any other Disqus-enabled blog. Click the “View Profile” link to view the commenter’s profile at Take it a step further and click the “follow” button on a commenter’s profile. When you visit your home page, you can now click “Friends” to view the comments of everyone you’re following.

In the example above, I’ve hovered over my own avatar to view my recent comments. Clout points are listed near the top in the yellow box. If a commenter is not registered with Disqus, it will say “Unclaimed profile” in this area instead. The “View Profile” link appears near the bottom.

We hope you like this improvement and are interested in what you think. Play around with the new system by leaving a comment below… :)

  • LV

    Nifty. Good job!

  • LV

    Nifty. Good job!

  • Anonymous

    This is very cool, Jeanne. Thank you!

  • JT1

    This is very cool, Jeanne. Thank you!

  • Alex

    Good Job mate

  • Alex

    Good Job mate

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  • Ed Hahnenberg

    I hope all fellow bloggers appreciate the tremendous advances in ease of blogging and replying that our webmaster, Jeanne, has made recently. She has given us a gift for the season that will continue giving. Thanks again, Jeanne, for a job well done!

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