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Death of a conservative …

Troy Keith, The Armchair Conservative… and a decidedly poor salesman. Tuesday's debate was difficult to watch. Aside from not being able to stay awake, I couldn't help being reminded of the frustration I felt when McCain initially secured the Republican nomination. It seemed that every painful minute of that mock town hall debacle simply marked another step towards the inevitable, inescapable end with no justifiable means whatsoever.

Perhaps it's best to let things run their course. I think four years of policy from a Democratic president and Congress would do more to show the effects of unchecked liberalism than any stump speech ever could, and maybe that's just the wake-up call true conservatives need — if there any left out there.

I've been immersed in the political scene for some time now and have always maintained that despite his weaknesses and my many misgivings about the man's policies, McCain is a far better choice; or at least the lesser of two evils.

After watching the campaigns of these two men merge into nearly indistinguishable halves of the same warped whole, I'm beginning to have second thoughts. Like coffee and cream, many voters may have their individual preferences, but the two candidates are decidedly complimentary on a majority of issues.

McCain had an opportunity to take a real stand with the bailout issue, but he chose instead to make a media spectacle out of suspending his campaign just so everyone could watch him fly back to D.C. and step in line with everyone else. Had he taken that stand, called out the pork pushers (with the pen he's so fond of mentioning) and given us some straight talk on allowing the market correct itself naturally with less government, I think we'd be in a totally different race right now.

What did we get? More of the same, with a side of big bureaucracy thrown in for good measure, as his debate proposal of allocating $300 billion towards government ownership of American homes would suggest.

Al Gore as the new climate change Czar? Michigan is lost? "My friends," I've just about had enough. What started as frustration and uncertainty over the McCain nomination was superceded by a steadfast belief that Obama was not right for this country. I still do not trust the Jr. Senator, his associations or judgment. I resent the fact that the media has elected this man, and I still contend that he has been groomed for this position since Bill Ayers allowed him to test his wings with the oversight of $50 million dollars allocated towards "radicalizing" students in Chicago.

It's easy for me to make a case (many in fact) against Obama on numerous issues, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to make any case whatsoever for John McCain. As in recent elections, I will most likely be casting my vote against one candidate rather than for another… maybe that's just politics in today's two-party world.

Speaking after the debate, Fortune Magazine's Nina Easton commented, "We’re witnessing tonight something quite profound, and that was the sinking ship of free-market Republicans keel over, groan and fall to the bottom of the sea.”

I couldn't agree more. The race is Obama's to lose at this point, and McCain seems to be doing everything in his power to help him towards the finish line. I think I can just make out the silhouetted shape of Willy Loman's hunched shoulders on the bow of that sinking ship. Sorry Linda, we're not free… we're not free.

  • sll

    Was Not All this so preDictable ? reThinks being fed crumbs Under the table.

  • S.Neumann

    I couldn’t agree with you more! However, I can’t give up that easily. I’ve compromised friendships and have been 1 lonely voice at many gatherings and I’m not ready to throw the towel in yet! I value the lives of my children and grandchild too much to let that happen.I too will be voting against Obama rather than for McCain, but my hope and prayer is that 10′s of millions feel exactly the same way! And, as I listen to Rush everyday, I get my dose of hope to carry me on to the next confrontation. I just can’t believe that the majority of voting Americans are really going to let a man with connections to a terrorist, a hate spewing pastor, a slum lord and all his Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cronies, run this country into the ground! I pray every nite that solid, God fearing Americans are going to show up at the voting booth on Nov. 4th, and vote their hearts, not vote the media!
    Thanks for your commentary and keep up the good work!

  • sll

    Not by Power, Not by Might BUT by the wHoly Spirit says The Lord. Who Be You, a Sun of God OR a_dam thy man ! Judge Not the world or the Word In it… eternal Darkness is For the Wicked. Be of Good Temperinants..

  • Bob

    I have to agree with your assessment. I think it will take a major blunder on Obama’s part for McCain to win. However despair is a sin and there is still some hope that the Senate can be held to a level that will put some check on the worst impulses of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

    As a nation we must decide what it is that we want. The republic is gone or going, and I see little evidence that many notice or care. I would prefer that we turn the ship around and restore the republic but I think that is not likely.

    I think that Michigan will not be close enough to matter, and given that I think that I will look for a third party to express my displeasure. Bush has been a disaster on so many issues. Perhaps some time in the wilderness will give the Republicans a chance to relearn their values.

    The economic collapse will put some restraint on spending on the new Democratic triumvirate, but I fear that we will now repeat the shame of the congress of 1975.

  • gObama!

    Wow. I am always surprised to see how easily people will swallow whatever is shoveled by their chosen party.

    Obama is not a terrorist and not a tool of the Liberal elite. He is a good and decent man who – as anyone who is not so paralyzed by fear of his black skin can see – is deeply concerned about the trend of the last 50 years to stick “future generations” with our problems.

    It looks like we are deciding what we want, and it’s to be truly Christian in our actions and stop accepting our own greed and laziness as inevitable.

    See you in the future folks!

  • sll

    to Travel the Distance With any Belief,
    Be it long, short, narrow, winding,
    Clear or gloomy;
    All Thoughts Taken for yOur Consideration
    Will Prepare the Way for One Good OR
    Perilous Jorney…Exodus

    LIGHT Shines Out From Darkness and
    Its Brilliance Is SEEN two Believe,
    Darkness Embracing the Light beComes
    The Beauty of Many Forms…Sacred Patterns

  • sll

    YouTube…Bob Dylan Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie.

  • Troy Keith

    [gobama] I think it cheapens the whole debate to turn this into a racial issue – I’m sure there are some that feel that way, but it’s an easy out. The Obama campaign seems to be using it more and more often though so maybe you’ve picked up on that. Given our current society, it could be argued that being black would actually be a plus as many of the undecided may go out of their way to prove to friends and neighbors that they’re not prejudiced.

    I also don’t think that anyone contends that he’s a terrorist, he just likes to hang out with them, has exceedingly poor judgment and dreams of a government that’s larger and more powerful than we ever could have imagined – except when it’s bowing to the U.N..

  • sll

    I am leaving Mr. Keith, I am tired, I will finish my own Life book, I Believe Only Love and its Good, evil is only a passing virus, and a dark wire into man’s own brain cell. I belong to the Wisdom Of my Own Thinking and Beautiful uniVerse…

  • Ted Grayson

    Thank god for newspaper archives, so in four years we can look up all of Mr. Keith’s blogs and get a good chuckle on how wrong he and the rest of these poor confused commentors were about Obama and what was good for the country.

    I expect that the dittoheads will still manage to bray their discontent and paddle against the current of intelligent and decisive leadership. Whatever. Bye Bush/McCain/Rove. Good riddance.

  • mjk

    Anyone who believes the party rhetoric and lies that the republicans have been pushing simply needs to do a little easy research as opposed to regurgitating the info they hear. I for one am a moderate, but look to more than one credible source for my facts. Before you bring up Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers, do a little research into the reality of it instead of drinking the kool-aid people. There are far more credible news sources than talk radio and fox news.

  • Michael

    Let’s face it. All John McCain has left is negative attacks. He has no real plan. Just rehire the entire Bush smear machine that completely slaughtered you and your family in the 2000 primaries and keep rehashing old disproved attacks. His advertising budget is now 100% devoted to negative attack ads, compared to Obama’s 34%. Is this a man you would ever want to support anyway? That’s what happens when you have nothing new to say. And BTW, if you want to talk unsavory connections, I’ve got some for you… McCain: Keating 5 and Iran Contra, Palin: Alaskan Independence Party and Troopergate.

  • sll

    Mr. Keith,Todd, This says it to the World, yOur Choice to See yOur Visual Reality.

    YouTube; Bob Dylan Last Thought On Woody Guthrie…

    There Exists No Other True IDEA But That One Good Reason
    Gifted as yOur Own…

  • homer

    John McCain is my senator from Arizona. He has been useless and has not been an advocate for the state. Instead, he has been running for president for the last eight years. I really don’t know why taxpayers have been paying his salary.

  • sll

    Good Morning, I Am Not in Kansas Anymore. I Think Obama Is Valuable, A Good man,
    a Good mover and Shaker beCause his Soul has Seen tHis Light. Responsibity and Dignity…they Must Come Together. Let That Be their IDenity. Remember the mirror ? What Is Left than Turned Right ? I may have a small basket of woven reads, quite interwoven, Nothing in any Given Order, maybe I could leave them somewhere Safe Keeping If they are Needed.Non Profit of course. Judge Meant Is at Wisdom’s Gate and this Force will Begin In man’s Temple Brain. Share the Good, Loving, Living and Hoping, This Bridge Does Go Somewhere…My Love, My Desire.

    I Give You the Wisdom of Faith,
    I Give You the Knowledge You deSire,
    I Give You the Foundation Under yOur Standing
    Needed two Overcome a Fate Worse than Death…
    ( Last War of souls )

  • Troy Keith

    [mjk] Which lies are you referring to specifically? Just because most of the Obama networks have downplayed the story does not make it “party rhetoric”. You may make the claim that it doesn’t matter, but to say that there’s no connection whatsoever seems to be somewhat of a stretch. Maybe others see it differently, but I would not be comfortable working for or with someone like Ayers – and I wouldn’t do it. In my opinion, the fact that he did for so long speaks volumes to his character. The same could be said for the Wright issue (20 years) and a dozen or so other “associations”. Why character and judgment issues like that aren’t important to more people is beyond me. It’s not so much what you say, but what you do and I think there’s something to be “done” for the company you keep.

  • gObama!

    Troy, I think it cheapens the whole debate to turn this into a racial issue TOO. That seems to be the strategy of both the McCain campaign and you as well.

    Obama doesn’t like to hang out with terrorists, he just happened to work a few times in association with a student radical. McCain has his own radical (David Ifshin) with whom he was much more chummy. Also, by your logic, half of the republicans in the city of Chicago who care about education are radicals and suspect as they have the same level of ties with Ayers.

    I feel for you, but am glad you are going to be disappointed as this country turns away from selfish greed.

  • sll

    LET whoEver Without Miss~Take, Cast the First Stone…
    Between Day and Night Is Wisdom Shadowed…
    CLEAN yOur House, Empty it If Need Be.
    Why Ask , did Not the Almighty God of Free Thinking People
    Not Say ” Stand Up and Take it Like a Man,
    I Am getting Tired of non-sense, foul-play, empty words and hearts,
    You All Are Dying, But Forgive Me IF You Think I Am Wrong,
    You Know Who You Are and This Is the
    Beginning of yOur Judge Meant Call.
    I have been coughing alot lately,
    must be a virus in the Air.

    This Air.

  • none

    to Michael: McCain spent a lot of time and effort coming clean on Keating 5, and fighting for reforms to prevent that kind of thing in the future. The way he handled it ended up reflecting positively on him.

    Now, has Obama returned the large payments he received from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, who are at the root of the Wall Street meltdown? He hardly mentions it at all. And how has Obama’s scandal cost us in the past month or so: a trillion in ballouts? This is far greater than the S & L scandal (Keating).

    mjk said: “There are far more credible news sources than talk radio and fox news.”. Actually, it is hard to think of any at this point.

  • none

    Troy: Don’t forget his mentor in Hawaii, “Frank”, who was a die-hard Stalinist. Imagine someone admiring the work of a man who was even worse than Hitler. Yet, this man shaped Obama’s early views.

  • Troy Keith

    [Michael] If the media isn’t doing there job, I’m not sure there are any options left besides putting these issues into commercials. It’s not that there’s nothing new to say, it’s simply that most aren’t listening. The candidate that’s behind will almost always go negative as the election nears – is that surprising? What’s seen as negative by one side is perceived, more often than not, as getting the truth out by the other.

    Keating 5 – Bob Bennett (Democrat/Investigator) “I investigated it for a long, long time, well over a year. For the purpose of determining whether or not the Senators, including McCain, violated any standards, rules, ethical prohibitions. And at the end of the investigation, I concluded that Senator McCain and Senator Glenn should be exonerated, that is, that there should be no further action against them, but that was rejected by the Committee and there were some twenty-six days of public hearings.”

    Iran-Contra? I think the legitimate ties to this are tenuous at best, but if true, at least he was fighting against the communists (not for them). Carter certainly couldn’t get the job done. If definitive ties can be proven, he should be called out – does the same apply to Obama?

    I’m not sure the other two points are even issues.

  • Ted Grayson

    The son of William F. Buckley has decided to vote for a Democrat:

    And he’s actually voting FOR Obama, not holding his nose while he votes for someone everyone knows will keel over and die, leaving Trainwreck Palin in charge.

    Oh, and who is this “sll” character who can’t seem to spell a word without capitalizing every other letter? And what’s with those poems?

  • sll


  • none

    Palin is more experienced has much better ideas than Obama. Obama is the train wreck, if there has to be one.

  • sll

    manKind Needs Both.

  • Troy Keith

    [gobama] student radical? Ayers tried to kill people – and admitted it. “I regret not doing more” (said on 9/11). When he was released on a technicality, he said “guilty as heck, free as a bird.. what a great country”. I’m paraphrasing but the quotes are well known. To say that he worked a few times with a student radical is an extreme oversimplification of the history.

    This is by no means the main issue of this year’s election, but all of these things combined (discussed previously) do reflect upon character and judgment. I’m much more concerned about the enormous growth of governmental power and what amounts to a socialistic agenda from where I sit, but most don’t seem to think that’s a valid point either.

    Your other claim is completely ridiculous. With the exception of making note of the racism that appears from time to time on the part of Obama, I’ve never made race an issue and resent the suggestion – I’d like to see any example of the McCain camp doing so as well.

  • sll

    Why Not just a third ticket, maybe Palin and Obama ?
    Maybe Just something more to Feed the Poor Innocents that
    are damned and Judged as Nothing But Senseless Things ?
    Posted a note for Ms Sadie suggesting maybe animal farms
    are coming to their end, How Amazing with One Wisdom Eye
    God will Judge such humanity.
    There will not be much corn I Think ?

  • Ed Burley

    Yes, in 4 years we will know. But will Democrats learn? Anyone remember Carter?

    Personally, I could care one hoot about political party. I care about good common sense policies, which neither candidate has in this election. We are screwed. The Obama worshippers, who try to claim that he hasn’t made it about race, forget several damning quotes: “they’ll say that I don’t look like those guys on the dollar bills,” (that should tell us something, since there’s only ONE GUY on the dollar bill), and “did I mention that he’s black?”

    My fear of McCain lies in his ignorance of economics – but I’d take an economic ignoramus over an avowed socialist any day. We’ll know in 4 years. I’m sure it’ll be like Granholm. The economy will be in the tank, and Obama will blame Bush, just like Granholm endlessly blames Engler. As Aerosmith put it, “it’s the same old story, same old song and dance my friend.”

    Sadly, we’ll know in 4 years.

  • sll

    Sometimes warring party lines just have to Work their Truth Out, and personaly I rather Be Optimystic.

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