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Walking (part I)

By Evelyn Weliverand soaking up the last bits of summer has been my goal the last few weeks.  I’m storing up inside me images of sunflowers, summer harvest, green shaded paths, birds on crystal clear lakes, deep blue skies; the smells of sun-dried grasses and warm pine wood; the sounds of grass hoppers, crickets and cicadas. Through the summer the roadsides have been graced with white daises that are replaced by Queen Anne’s lace,  dainty yellow, star-shaped flowers are replaced by golden rod; fresh green and brown cattails now have the green turning ochre. The purple has faded from the meadows,  maples in swampy areas are turning red, the sun is riding lower in the sky and shadows are lengthening —September has arrived. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Sunflowers glow with summer essence. North of Yuba on U.S. 31 we found several fields of them. Walking back to the car I saw a sign for Maple Bay walking trail. It is only a half mile walk, down a short, steep hill, through the woods and out onto the quiet beach of East Grand Traverse Bay. Returning south we drove into a lovely public park outside Yuba with picnic tables beside the water.


Sunflowers along US 31


Maple Bay

Maple Bay Natural Area, US 31 North

House at Maple Bay

Farm House beside drive to Maple Bay US 31 N.

Trail head Maple Bay

Trail head Maple Bay

Beach, Maple Bay

East Grand Traverse Bay beach at "Maple Bay"


Sunflowers on Maple Bay farm

Sunflowers on Maple Bay farm

We are blessed with a countryside rich with crops being harvested, sometimes nestled next to dark green woods, sometimes a patchwork between orchards.

View along US 31 North

View along US 31 North

This land is very rich

This land is very rich

Cornfield and barn

Cornfield and barn US 31 N

Combining oatsCombining oats south of Interlochen
Golden oats

Golden oats


Gold and green, sun and shade

Gold and green, sun and shade

A few miles out Old Mission Peninsula on Center Road is a beautiful three-mile walk through fields and woods, Pelizzari Natural Area.  There are numerous loops you can choose that are very well sign posted. It has level areas, hills, shade, sun and a very nice bench near sign post 7.  We walked three miles, but you can choose a shorter route.

Pelizzari Natural Area

Pelizzari Natural Area, Old Mission Peninsula

Pelizzari trail

Pelizzari trail, Old Mission Peninsula

Meadow, Pelizzari

Meadow, Pelizzari Trail, Old Mission

Walking, quiet, the rustle of leaves and grasses, the sound of insects, the scent of plants and clean air …


  • GenePH

    Thanks for the beauty. I await part II !

  • Jo Anne

    Superb images. Thank you.

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