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Personal Deductions

I believe the issue of personal tax deductions deserves more consideration than is offered by the debate here over the IRS treatment of the subject. I have gone into this issue of deductions and other tax policy in some detail in my blog at The blog is called Variations on a Theme and the particular entry dealing with personal deductions and other tax policy is under the heading Prolegomena to Any Future. I’ll summarize my position here because with that intro I doubt that any of you will be sufficiently grabbed by the title to bother reading it … And for some who do read it there will be a risk of apoplexy.I don’t believe there should be personal tax deductions for anything. Yes, I know that is draconian. But the government needs a pool of money to run the country. Every personal tax deduction taken by anyone depletes that pool and automatically raises the amount everyone else must pay. For example less than half the population are church members and far fewer than that attend regularly. Still all money contributed to churches is deductible and is often channeled toward the defeat of personal freedoms the church dislikes. Why should my taxes support a budget hole, however small, caused by personal deductions to a church whose lobbying for restrictions on personal freedom I find abhorrent? Other examples of social engineering by both parties abound.

(Of course one wonders about tax relief from exorbitant medical bills. When medical care is needed 24/7 for a dependent who incurs well over one hundred thousand dollars every year in medical bills, and you earn fifty thousand dollars a year, offering a tax deduction as compensation is absurd. In the same post I offer an outrageous fix for our ridiculous medical system. If you are a trifle paranoid about socialism I suggest you skip the whole thing and conserve your precious health!)

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