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Jo Anne Wilson, Letters From FranceAmazing how quickly the days, weeks, months, and seasons come and go.  Spring has finally arrived here in the Luberon … just as I must leave. This post will be shorter than most, so I can get on with packing.

I’ve had a nasty head cold, which seems to be on the run. Gratefully, it seemed to run its course in record time. Pardon the racing analogy, but being in France did not mean being immune to, nor away from, the non-stop reporting on the Boston Marathon bombing. My head and heart were both heavy.

Over the weekend, as I nursed my cold, I had the opportunity to take care of my doggie friend, Shona. She didn’t seem to care that my nose was running, and I was sneezing non-stop. She loves to walk. To accommodate her desires as well as her needs, I frequently took her a short few steps from my front door to the area above the village, the base of the old fortress.

Saignon, as regular readers will know, is one of those lovely perched villages, so prevalent in this area.  The original construction was a fortress, and then a chateau, and the village developed in and around it.

As Shona did her doggy-nose-to-the-ground routine, I was able to look around and enjoy the scenery. The cherry orchards in full bloom are quite a sight, and the lavender field is beginning to show signs of growth.

Turning away from the valley, I studied the parts of the old fortress walls, which are gradually being reconstructed. I could not help but marvel at the way in which the natural stone landscape formed the base of construction. Amazing to think that many centuries ago, these original walls were built.

Makes a person feel at once humble and reassured. Humans have been killing each other for centuries, often in the name of religion. But mankind perseveres. It’s comforting, somehow to look at the walls around this village, still standing.

  • Evelyn

    It is so good to see these pictures of the area and the beautiful cherry orchard!

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