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Jupiter with the DFK 21AU04

Ed HahnenbergOn 12-14-12, I got a chance to take an image of Jupiter using both of my Imaging Source cameras … the DFK 21AU04.AS USB CCD color and the DMK 41AU02 monochrome. I had spent a couple of hours cleaning out my observatory of materials that had accumulated over the past few years. My concern was that I had made a mistake by investing in a JMI EV-3c Event Horizon SCT Focuser which attaches to the end of the C1400 scope. I had tried to achieve focus before, using the focusing knob that is native to the large scope to provide rough focus, and the EV-3c to fine-tune. However, after the observatory clean-up, I did some experimenting and found that I needed about three inches more of back-focus length. Where to find such a thing? Then I thought about my 2X Celestron Barlow. What if I took out the lens and just used the tube as the extension? Well, it worked. More »

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Christmas and Sol Invictus

Ed HahnenbergIn the early Church, there was no fixed date for the celebration of Christmas across the entire Church, or even agreement as to when Jesus was born.

The main reason early Christians chose December 25th for the date of Christmas relates to two dates that were bandied about: the date of the creation of the world, and the vernal equinox. According to some early writers, both events happened on March 25th. Early Christian writer Sextus Julius Africanus (220 AD) speculated that the world was created on March 25th, based on his chronology of Jewish and Christian history, contained in his Chronographia. More »

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Is a Right-to-Work law good for Michigan? Part 2

Team Mike, Ask The RealtorsHello again Record-Eagle readers,

Michigan’s current fight over “right-to-work” legislation is not only a big question for the people of Michigan and the future of this noble state, it is drawing the attention of citizens, economists, and politicians across the country and around the world as economies of every size and variety struggle with the challenges of being successful society-wide, and wrestle with the big question of organized labor vs. free-market employment.  More »

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Midwinter Mayan Madness?

Cathy Stripe LesterThe following blog was written when the movie “2012″ came out in 2009. However, as Dec. 21, 2012, is upon us, it seemed irresistible to take another bite of the apple:

I understand some people are getting a mite worried about the world ending on Dec. 21, 2012, when according to the Mayan Calendar, it’ll be destroyed, and a new world put in place. More »

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Guns … How much longer?

Ed HahnenbergEveryday the news in the U.S. highlights the fatal shooting of someone or some group. The latest horror played out in Connecticut is another tragic reminder of the insanity of guns. Almost two years ago, I posted a blog on handguns ( The response was quick and condemnatory. Gun owners, in effect, called me crazy. Today, I am even more convinced that this country is becoming more of a violent place to live. More »

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Is a right-to-work law good for Michigan?

Team Mike, Ask The RealtorsHello Record-Eagle readers,

BBC News calls Michigan “a cradle of the U.S. labor movement,” so it makes news around the globe when Michigan’s legislature passes a right-to-work law that many consider “anti union,” and thousands of Michiganders are protesting against it across the state. More »

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The Season of Giving

By Evelyn WeliverIt is snowing and blowing this afternoon. Christmas music is playing while I wrap presents on the ironing board. I found an apple pie in the freezer and popped it in the oven so the house is filled with the aroma of apple pie baking. The oven has warmed the kitchen, normally cold when winter’s east wind blows. My world is cozy and peaceful this afternoon. More »

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Cribbage – a game of life

By Micki Durocher DavisToday I learned how to play Cribbage. I know, I know … I’m a 38-year-old American and this is something I should have learned long ago. But I just never did. Until today. At my coffee shop, I sometimes play cards with a sweet older lady. She’s been telling me about Cribbage and how much I’d enjoy it. Finally, today, she brought in her board and we hunkered down for a lesson and a few rounds. More »

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Sun Prominences, Plasma Trails, and Flares

Ed HahnenbergTuesday, December 4th, was a fairly active day on the sun. I had just received an Imaging Source DMK 41AU02 monochrome CCD camera to do detailed imaging of the planets, the moon, and the sun. The day was a sunny day early in the afternoon. This was going to be an experiment in imaging through my Coronado PST. I had had problems taking astrophotographs with my Imaging Source DMK 21 color camera due to its IR filter. More »

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Winter and the Holidays

Jo Anne Wilson, Letters From FranceI’ve had two and a half months of enjoying the vineyard views. I have done some moving around taking care of houses and pets in a couple of different venues. Taking care of Pussycat and Orlando was a new venue for me.  I enjoyed the apartment and the home as well as making two new feline friends. A week ago, I was able to reconnect with my three feline friends at their home near Roussillon. More »

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