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Evelyn Weliver loves to travel abroad and at home with her husband Del. She blogs about places they are visiting, and her observations while abroad and at home. You may email her at

Cornwall and Bodmin Moor, Dramatic Settings — Part II

By Evelyn WeliverPelting rain greeted us this morning as we leave our B&B in Lostwithiel for our drive south to the town of Fowey (Foy) on the coast. The Fowey River begins on Bodmin Moor and comes into this cove. The roads down into town are steep and narrow with only designated bus traffic permitted. We catch the small bus at a “park and display” lot above town. There are only two inches of clearance in places between the bus and buildings. More »

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Cornwall and Bodmin Moor, Dramatic Settings — Part I

By Evelyn WeliverCornwall and Bodmin Moor in the middle of February this year was an adventure, not what we had planned when we booked our trip in the fall.  Who knew then that the United States would have wave after wave of snow and wind and that those storms would go directly over Cornwall with gale force winds swinging and dumping buckets of rain! More »

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No Snow?

By Evelyn WeliverNo snow? No potholes in the snow, or icy roads, or frozen fingertips, or shoveling? We found a place — England. Admittedly February this year wasn’t the best month to go, but our plans were made to visit our daughter and family. We did find flowers; rain; flooded rivers; green, green grass; and sheep.  No snow. More »

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Inside Goranovtsi Village, Part III: Feasting and Dancing

By Evelyn WeliverThe tables are filling with people as we walk from the museum and church into the village’s central square. We learn that our group of nine is invited to eat with the secretary of the cultural house and her family! Long tables are set up along the edges of the street and in front of the buildings. The September day is delightful with blue sky and white clouds, clean valley air, 70 degrees and laughter filling the air. More »

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Inside Goranovtsi Village: Part II, Museum, Church and Grapes

By Evelyn WeliverGrapes are an integral part of life in Bulgaria, from ancient times to the present, as we shall see in the rural life of Goranovtsi Village, Part II.

In Part I our small tour group explores the Hristo Botev Cultural House, Goranovtsi,  Bulgaria, enjoying a warm and friendly welcome from its secretary, president and others. Iva, our translator, is kept busy relaying  information about the weaving, folk costumes and daily living items. Alex, our guide, distributes hand-woven shoulder bags as gifts from the cultural house people. More »

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Inside Goranovtsi Village, Bulgaria. Part 1, The Cultural House

By Evelyn WeliverDriving through Bulgaria’s hilly countryside in our small tour bus, one fine September morning, Alex (our tour guide) says to us (via Iva our translator), “We have a special treat for you today. The village we are going to is celebrating its name day with a feast and dancing. We are invited as guests of the Hristo Botev Cultural House!” More »

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Images of December, 2013

By Evelyn WeliverBeautiful December snow of northern Michigan wraps around the trees, sticks to the rough trunks, lies along the oak branches, blows in our faces, makes us laugh, makes us swear.  We freeze, we exercise, blow our noses, crave sunshine, drink hot chocolate, coffee and tea, bake cookies, eat cookies, gain weight and exercise some more.  The world here is a set of live wood block prints. We give thanks for the winter solstice and the sun starting its way north. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge, then use back arrow, upper right corner.) More »

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Walking – Part II

By Evelyn WeliverLiquid gold spills across the calm lake as the sun rises. Yesterday the wind was shaking trees, pelting the deck with beech nuts, breaking their bristly shells and scattering nuts. The driveway and lanes are covered with rich brown acorns, rolling and crunching as we walk on them. It is October and fall is here. I find it a time to reflect, to enjoy the harvest of apples and grapes and to walk in the woods whether they be calm or in windy turmoil. More »

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Walking (part I)

By Evelyn Weliverand soaking up the last bits of summer has been my goal the last few weeks.  I’m storing up inside me images of sunflowers, summer harvest, green shaded paths, birds on crystal clear lakes, deep blue skies; the smells of sun-dried grasses and warm pine wood; the sounds of grass hoppers, crickets and cicadas. Through the summer the roadsides have been graced with white daises that are replaced by Queen Anne’s lace,  dainty yellow, star-shaped flowers are replaced by golden rod; fresh green and brown cattails now have the green turning ochre. The purple has faded from the meadows,  maples in swampy areas are turning red, the sun is riding lower in the sky and shadows are lengthening —September has arrived. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.) More »

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There’s a lion hanging by its tail

By Evelyn WeliverThere’s a lion hanging by its tail from our refrigerator! It was caught in a clothes pin magnet and placed there by our 3-year-old grandson. Discovering the world through the open mind and eyes of a curious 3-year-old is a wonderful process. They are masters of living in the present, of trying new activities, of asking questions and using their imaginations. They are full of love. If we, as adults, can keep these attributes throughout our lives, we will indeed be rich in many ways. More »

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