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viaDe Travel video

By Teresa CareyA few weeks ago I spoke with Lars from viaDe Travel about why I like to travel, what I was seeking when I first purchased my sailboat, and what adventures I have planned for the future. He made an excellent video and posted it on their site. More »

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Back at home

By Jason BacklundWell, I finally made it back home and it feels great. It was an amazing journey to live and work in Antarctica, but there’s nothing like being home again.

I don’t have any plans to go back. If I were to travel again for work, I would pick someplace new. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, and it would not have been possible without the help of my girlfriend who stood by by side the entire time. More »

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Last week in Antarctica

By Jason BacklundHello, Traverse City! This is my last week at McMurdo Station before I head back home. During the week I went for a hike to castle rock and climbed to the top for the first time — it was amazing. The view was so incredible (see photos at the end of this post).  I’ve also got video of our ice pier being blown out! More »

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Whale Watching

By Jason BacklundWell, I finally got to see the whales everyone has been talking about. The other day I got up and decided to take a walk down to Hut Point and enjoy the view. When I got down there I saw water shooting up into the air and realized that it was coming from a whale. It was so cool to see them in there natural habitat. More »

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Ice breaker arrives at McMurdo Station

By Jason BacklundThe ice breaker finally made it here. Wow, what a great sight it was to see the icebreaker! It means it’s just about time to go home to loved ones. It’s amazing to see open water and smell the sea air. It really revitalizes you after looking at ice for so long. The smell of the sea in the air is just great, and makes you feel like you are not so isolated. More »

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Podcast with Jaja Martin

By Teresa CareyI met Jaja and Dave Martin this summer and was very excited to learn of their world travels aboard a small sailboat. The Martins are unique cruisers in that they not only sailed away from the “destination” places in the Caribbean, and toward the cold arctic, but they also did so with three young children. More »

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Marathon in Antarctica

By Jason BacklundWell, I did it! I ran 26.2 miles on the Ross Ice Shelf. Wow, what an experience it was! The temperature was between 28 and 30 degrees, and the wind was 5-10 mph.

I was told that there might be penguins running with us for part of the race, but unfortunately there were not. More »

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Room With a View

By Jason Backlund“Room With a View” is a morale trip here at McMurdo Station, and it sure worked. Near the end of the season people start to take these types of trips to keep their spirit up for the last push before going home. I received mine yesterday, and it was awesome. We traveled 1,400 feet up the side of Mt. Erubus on snowmobiles. More »

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Open water is getting close

By Jason BacklundThe open Antarctic water is getting quite a bit closer now and can be seen from near McMurdo Station. It is very exciting to see the water after looking at ice for so long. It also means that the icebreaker is not to far away. The icebreaker should be here on the 21st of January, and it will be awesome to see. More »

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Staying warm on the boat in winter

By Teresa CareyHere is a video response to a question posted in the comments by a blog reader. It was fun to make.

Send some more questions, and I try to post a video response! More »

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