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The Casual Nonconformist


By Amy SpitzleyMy seven-year-old son has endless curiosity. He has, like all children, things that make him laugh and things that make him cry. He has his issues, too, generally involving — ahem — the bathroom. But what he doesn't have is Asperger's Syndrome.   The assessment test showed that one more point would tip him over into being a mild Aspie, and here's the real kicker — I don't really know what side of the line I want him to be on. More »

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To dye or not to dye?

By Amy SpitzleyThis is a question that's been bothering me a lot lately. Everywhere I look, there are smiling women my age, carefully covering every little silver strand they see. What's up with that? I know this is not a new obsession. There's no way Lucy's hair was really that red, and Marilyn Monroe… well, she was a case all her own. What we've got right now is a strange epidemic. More »

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Shakespearean lingo for general use

By Amy SpitzleyA new threat is making itself known to parents who consider themselves well-educated. Text-speak is rampant in this country, and I for one intend to do something about it. OMG, Lol, and the like aren't words! They're laziness in written format. But what can we do about this most serious of issues? I suggest taking a page from the past, literally. More »

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By Amy SpitzleyI wasn't happy the other day. The small things were getting me down. The car, finances, other people's success, the lack of my own. I didn't want to hear anything about anyone's trip to Disneyworld, new book cover, or garage remodel. I wasn't even going to say please. I was grumpy, and I was wallowing in it. More »

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The great pet debate

By Amy SpitzleyI've never been a huge animal person. I can trace it back to accidentally sitting on my great-aunt's obnoxious cat, Peanut, a fat orange thing with a bad attitude. True, I should have looked where I was sitting, but I was just a kid. It didn't have to bite me.
Things didn't improve from there. My home, growing up, saw one pet debacle after another. More »

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The art of Casual Nonconformity

By Amy SpitzleyOkay, stop reading. I know it’s a strange thing to say before you’ve really started, but humor me. Now look at the person next to you. You may not know this but she–or he–might be a Casual Nonconformist. You might even be one yourself. More »

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