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Webcam should be fixed

webcam.jpgFinally, I think we have a solution that will keep our Webcam in working order.   Whenever the camera has gone out in the past, I’ve trekked up to the rooftop of the Holiday Inn to turn it off, then on again.   And it would work for awhile, until it went on the fritz the next time. Well, someone (not me, I’m embarrassed to say) finally had the bright idea to install a timer on the Webcam. More »

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Webcam progress

webcam.jpgWe took a trek up to the Webcam yesterday, and it’s reported back sporadically since.   We’re working on getting some equipment we can use to reboot the camera automatically, instead of having to go up to the roof. Thanks again for your patience!

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Apologies to Webcam fans

webcam.jpgYes, the Webcam is down. It’s been down for awhile, and I’ve been remiss in not posting an update here. Rest assured that we are looking into options for keeping it maintained. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your patience.

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Webcam returns

webcam.jpgApologies that it took so long, but I finally go up on the roof today to take a look at the Webcam.   I powered everything down and back up again, and it appears to be working for now.   Past experience tells me that the camera goes on strike often in the winter, so we’ll see how long this lasts.   Also, I pointed the camera in our normal winter direction, showing more of downtown.

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Webcam down for the duration

webcam.jpgSorry, Webcam fans!   The camera appears to be taking a holiday.   It’s been down for more than a week now, and although I hoped it would come back on its own (as it often does), so far no luck. More »

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Webcam down since Friday

webcam.jpgLooks like our Webcam has gone on strike, as it usually seems to this time of year.   I think it doesn’t like the cold weather.   I won’t have a chance to visit the roof of the Holiday Inn until at least Thursday, so hopefully it will begin working on its own by then.

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Webcam on the fritz

webcam.jpgThanks to everyone who has alerted me to our latest Webcam outage. Unfortunately I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a chance to troubleshoot. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to get on the roof and reboot the camera. Thanks again for your patience.

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Webcam leaves us in the dark

webcam.jpgRegular Webcam viewers might find it surprising that I don’t look at our Webcam page every day. I know, it would be such a quick addition to my daily duties, but honestly, I just forget (plus, I get an in-person view of the bay on my daily commute). My job involves so many things, all which I must fit into less than 40 hours per week, that my relatively low-priority Webcam duties often suffer as a result. For this I apologize, and remind our viewers that I really do count on you to know when the camera is down. Leave a comment on the latest blog post here, or send me an e-mail at

With that out of the way… Yes, it appears the camera has been down for several days, leaving us, literally, in the dark. More »

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Webcam falls victim to freezing fog

webcam.jpgYesterday’s weather was so warm in Traverse City (nearly 50 degrees!) that fog enveloped everything — including, I’m assuming, our webcam. Now that temps have dipped back toward normal December levels (currently 34), my guess is that yesterday’s condensation on the webcam’s lens has frozen over. As one webcam viewer put it, it’s a “total white-out.”

I’m off work until Tuesday afternoon… if it hasn’t cleared up by then I’ll take a can of de-icer up on the roof. Happy Holidays!

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Webcam doesn't like the snow!

webcam.jpgIf you could see the webcam image right now, you’d see snow, snow and lots of snow. Unfortunately, the camera decided to take a break as of yesterday morning. Let’s hope it comes back on its own (as it often does) since I won’t have a chance to get on the roof until Thursday of next week.

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