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Remembering the Fallen

Who will you remember?

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasThis may sound more like a lesson in history than a blog, but after reading an article in another local paper, I wanted to give readers a clearer understanding of how Veterans Day came to be and why it’s so important to remember our service men and women on this day.

In the beginning Veterans Day was actually called Armistice Day. On November 11th, 1918 at 11 a.m., an armistice, or truce, was enforced that called for the ending of hostilities in World War I. “The Great War,” however, did not officially end until June 28, 1919. On November 11, 1919, President Wilson proclaimed this day as Armistice Day. More »

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F. R. O. G.

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasIn August my intention was to take just a couple weeks away from the computer and writing to enjoy what was left of the summer. Mission accomplished, and then the storms that passed through Northern Michigan temporarily disabled my faithful companion Dell (yes, my computer has a name) for a few more weeks so. My couple of weeks quickly turned into a couple of months.

This restart to my blogging is going to take just a temporary detour. Instead of honoring a fallen hero I want to honor the ones that serve us daily. In October Kalkaska County was hit by a tornado that claimed the life of one of its citizens. On the evening of October 18, 2007, volunteer firefighters from around the county came out in full force to see to the safety of their community. More »

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'Constitutional Rights' Part 2

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasLcpl. Justin Ellsworth
United States Marine Corp.
13 ~ November ~ 2004

Lcpl. Justin Ellsworth was a name that we heard often in late 2004 and early 2005, not only in Michigan but also across the United States. His father, John Ellsworth, battled Yahoo! in court for access to his son's e-mail account. In the end, John was finally granted access to his son's final messages. More »

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Constitutional Rights

Remembering the Fallen by Susan Lucas Every day young men and women stand at attention before the flag of the United States of America and take an oath to support and defend to Constitution. They swear to bear true faith and allegiance to that same Constitution. They do this because they understand the significance of the Constitution and they have enjoyed the freedoms that life has offered them. They want to do their part to insure those same rights and freedoms for generations to come.

On the other hand, we also have a society of young men and women that do not support and/or defend anything. To them the Constitution is nothing more than the ranting of a bunch of men in an era gone by. They turn their heads and do as they please with total disregard of the effects of their actions on others. More »

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'That Others May Live'

Remembering the Fallen by Susan Lucas"That Others May Live"
Senior Airman Jason Plite
23 ~ March ~ 2003
United States Air Force Pararescuer

"Gifted artist" … "State record holding swimmer" … "Servant's heart" … these are just some of the phrases used to describe Senior Airman Jason Plite of Grand Ledge, Michigan. What do these phrases represent? More »

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'Can you write about something different…'

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasI’ve really been tossed about this week after a few events since last Monday. You see, I found out two more “Sky Angels” have made their way to heaven from the 2/503 173rd Airborne, a unit that is near and dear to my heart as well as the driving force behind why I write this blog.

On Thursday I was contacted and asked if I could write about anything other than death. Well, I never have looked at it as that, but rather celebrating the lives they led, the accomplishments made, the families who have supported them and the dedication that drove these brave young men and women to keep going day in and day out. Sometimes this happens with little to no sleep, showers every few weeks and on occasion maybe a meal that didn’t come out of a plastic pouch. More »

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'That's Just What You Do'

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasPFC Andrew H. Nelson
25 ~ December ~ 2006
St. Johns, Michigan

On Christmas day the last thing you want to hear is that your only son has died on the battlefields of war, but this is exactly what happened to the family of PFC Andrew Henning Nelson from St. Johns, Michigan. More »

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Sugar and spice and everything nice…

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasSPC* Holly J. McGeogh
31 ~ January ~ 2004
Taylor, Michigan

Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but before we know it a woman now emerges that we sometimes aren't sure how they reached this point in their life. We remember them in blue jeans and pigtails going hunting with dad, shopping with mom and dinning in their favorite place, Taco Bell.

These are the memories that keep Holly's family moving forward one day at a time and remembering that she was living her life in a way she loved and one that we should always honor and never forget. More »

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Honoring the Michigan State Troopers

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasThis week I want to travel back in time. The year is 1921 and a Michigan State Trooper named Harold E. Anderson is leaving for work on March 12th. We can only assume, since there are no records from this era, that 22-year-old Trooper Anderson had a loving wife and a family that he kissed good-bye as he left for work. He expected nothing else that day but to return to his family at the end of his watch. He was probably a person of character and dignity as these are common traits among those who choose to serve and protect. More »

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Love, support & amusement park rides

Remembering the Fallen by Susan LucasI want to thank Luanne for the wonderful e-mail I received after she read my posts on this blog. She mentions being in awe of the families who send their loved ones off to war and those left to survive. Military life has its ups and downs, but as families we just hang on during the ride so that our soldiers never have to do it alone.

I want to share with you something I wrote on October 31, 2003. I’ve modified it slightly but it very simply describes what military life is like for families and why we support our soldiers and their dreams. More »

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