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Good News

Thirty-five years ago, Danielle Horvath left the city and landed on a secluded 10 acres in the back woods of Benzie County. For the first six years, she lived off the grid and snowmobiled to the nearest plowed road while building a small house. To have the “Up North” dream, her family has lived on half the income they were used to, and stuck to a “few bills, no frills” lifestyle to make it work. They recycled building materials, grew a garden, shopped flea markets and yard sales, and drove used cars. She hopes to share a blog that is interesting, maybe a little inspiring, and hopefully humorous, about life in these north woods.

Living on the Edge

At any given moment, we can all be feeling “on the edge.” Any set of circumstances could push us over. It is part of being human and not something we grow out of, find a fix for, get over or move on from. It’s something we have to live with, and every one of us does that in a different way. More »

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The Joys of Ice Fishing

Sitting on a frozen lake, staring at a hole in the ice is not my idea of fishing. Give me a warm summer day, a nice stable boat, tall glass of lemonade and the Tigers game on the radio – now that’s my idea of fishing. Although I will admit I haven’t caught many fish.

But since I have a teenage son who is an avid fisherman and I was glad he still wanted his Mom to be involved in things he liked to do, I have tried to figure out what could possibly appeal to him about ice fishing. So, out we went, one cold February morning, I could hardly move with all the layers of clothes I had on and wondered if I would cut off the circulation in my legs if I sat too long! More »

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The Road Home

The first time I saw it, there was grass growing down the middle, and it was permanently rutted with 4×4 tire tracks from trucks that flew mercilessly through the mud holes after a spring rain. It was barely wide enough for two cars to pass; one had to swerve into the brush on the side and motion for the other to come through. We eventually met our neighbors through this frequent act of road compromise. We almost got hit a few times by drivers who didn’t know the rules. More »

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